Black Ball Sporting Club has one of the most extensive series of sports and outstanding fitness facilities in Egypt.

Purposely, the health department is created to assess individual needs regarding their physical activity and fitness level. Thus, it includes a fully fitted out gym, gymnastic courts, and tailored fitness programs created and supervised by professional trainers. Moreover, a fitness assessment is granted to aspiring members.

The sports department sorts ignited tennis courts, sixteen galvanized squash courts, two inspirited badminton and fencing courts, two five-a-side football courts, two triggering mixed martial arts courts, and three timeless swimming pools.
· Tennis
· Squash
· Badminton
· Football
· Gym
· Yoga
· Climbing Wall
· Mixed Martial Arts
· Golf simulator
· Indoor Shooting
· Gymnastics
· Swimming
· Fencing

Indoor Shooting

Believe it or not, shooting has various health benefits for both the body and mind. Gun firing builds responsible, liberal and confident personalities with minds of extreme persistence and quantin eye; besides the improvements, it imprints on physical balance and arm strength. Acknowledging those enriching traits of shooting, there wasn’t a second thought on building it an empire in our club.

We provide both group and one-on-one private sessions; it all depends on your call.

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