About Us

Black Ball Sporting Club was founded by Black Ball for investment and sports development; SAE established in 2009. Black Ball Sporting Club is a member-based society located in New Cairo.

It evolves around sporting activities, world-class sporting events, training programs and a social community of harmonious members.

We aim to make both youth and adults work on achieving their goals regardless of their fitness level. Moreover, we go-all-out crafting an effective and healthy environment that helps affiliates reach their desired fitness level.

It’s our mission to provide channels for all athletes to grow and prosper. Hence, people achieve more with coaching, backing and foothold; therefore we believe that everyone can advance if put on the right path.

Let’s bring out the athlete in you! If you are ready, we are ready! All our training programs are set to motivate and guide you physiologically and psychologically.

All that said, it's time to reach your potential!

About Us