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Membership Consultant

Job Description
• To conduct sales tours of the facilities and give guidance to prospective customers on the type of membership category best suited to their needs and requests as directed by the Company standard.
• To ensure all prospective members received the appropriate information and tour of the facilities.
• To be responsible for the administration of membership paperwork and to ensure that it is processed accordingly.
• To be responsible for recording daily sales and to be familiar with the total membership sales of the club.
• In conjunction with the Business Development and Marketing Manager be responsible for the management of the membership database and sales systems.
• To be fully aware of promotional activities and sales targets.
• To produce an individual monthly sales plan to achieve preset sales targets.
• To achieve on a daily basis standards and target, as set down by the company
• To attend weekly sales meetings (as required) to provide relevant information pertaining to membership sales.
• To carry out competitor analyses on a regular basis in order to provide information, this will be used positively in the selling of black ball memberships.
• To generate new business by visiting corporate sites and complete outreach work.
• To support the Business Development and Marketing Manager in delivery of systems and initiatives aimed at improving and maintaining customer retention.
• To sell membership with integrity and full clarity of information.
• Ensure that full audit able procedures and practices are in place for processing, storage and management of member information including financial information.
• Liaise with internal and external contacts such as suppliers and user groups.
• Pursue and promote corporate contacts in the area for black ball
• Assist in the development and promotion of Sales Strategy schemes aimed at attracting as wide a proportion of the market as possible

Job Requirements
• Previous business to business or direct customer sales experience
• Experience of negotiating with customers
• Ability to work as part of a team
• Ability to deal with members of public in a polite and professional manner
• Ability to develop relationships at different levels and win the trust and respect of internal and external customers
Age: 28 to 32

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Sponsorship Specialist

• Develop and implement an overall fund raising strategy for the Prize
• Evaluate and prospect research of new partnerships with both corporate sponsors and public organizations
• Find a major sponsor
• Identify and build upon potential government, corporate, foundation and private sector funding sources

• 4-5 years of intensive experience with a proven record of success in managing fundraising and sponsorship campaigns in the non-profit organizations
• Experience working in the not-for-profit sector
• Negotiation and communication skills
• Ability to meet deadlines
• An understanding of budgets and financial reporting
Age: Up To 35
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